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We are hoping to extend further the images in our photo album and would appreciate the loan of any old photographs for this purpose. We assure you that they will be returned safely to you. There are no set categories but you may use the present album titles as a rough guide.

Images from Cottingley Town Hall School

Images from Cottingley Primary School

Cottingley Places

Cottingley Girl Guides and Brownies

Cottingley People

Galas, Carnivals, Concerts and Occasions

Thumbnails of all photos

We are grateful to Barbara Cawthra,Dorothy Dove, Elizabeth Downsbrough, Peter Earp, Keith Harkiss, Christine Hayes, John Lamb, Elizabeth Lee, Jack Mawson, Dorothy Miller, Marlene Mouat (Seal), Kevin Murgatroyd, Mark Neale. David Pratt, Stuart Pratt, Tom Rawnsley, Brenda Rowe, Susan Scarbrough, Mrs Shackleton, Andy Tidswell, Jennifer Ventress, Eric Walker, Cathy Wright, for the loan of the above photographs
Many other Old and New photographs of Cottingley can be viewed on theCottingley Connect website

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